The Retreat resides on 12.5 acres of the lower end of an original 48-acre homestead that is completely surrounded by National Forest. There are two streams that flow through the property – Dry Blue Creek and Frieborn Creek, which converge in a crossing as you enter the Retreat. Dry Blue runs all year, and just below the Retreat property boundary, the Campbell Blue and the Dry Blue flow together to form the Blue River. The Retreat is situated in a riparian area that contains walnut, cottonwood, ponderosa pine, alder, willow, box elder, oak and juniper.

The guest cabins face Frieborn Creek and Dry Blue Creek. Guests can enjoy the sound of the flowing river and a star filled night sky. At an elevation of 6,400 feet our summer temperatures provide a pleasant relief from the desert heat. Summer temperatures range from approximate daytime high of 80ºF to nighttime low of 40ºF.


Don and Jane

Don and Janie Hoffman moved to the Blue River on the Arizona/New Mexico border in 1977. Over the years they built their home, kept a variety of animals, planted an orchard and gardens and raised their two children. Eventually, Don and Janie began hatching their dream of expanding their guest accommodations to provide a retreat for individuals, families, and groups who want to enjoy the incredible environment on the Blue River. The Blue River Wilderness Retreat is the realization of this dream.

In 2018 the Blue River Wilderness Retreat underwent some changes. The three vintage guest trailers were sold, and Don began construction on a new cabin- “Woodstock,” which opened in 2020. The Retreat now consists of two cabins for rent – “Woodstock” and “The Cabin”. Please click the tabs above to find more about them.

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Don and Janie Hoffman
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