Regional Information

Activities & Surrounding Environment

The Apache/Sitgreaves National Forest Alpine Ranger District office sells road and trail maps of the forest including a beautiful topographic map of the Blue Range Primitive Area with all the trails. The District office phone number is 928-339-5000.

Guests at the Retreat have ample hiking and walking opportunities without having to get in their car. However, there are many scenic drives in the immediate area. Hannagan Meadow is about an hour from the Retreat or a little longer if you take a forest road that climbs up to 9,200 feet with fantastic views of the Blue Range. Other nearby hiking destinations include Escudilla Wilderness, Bear Wallow Wilderness, Fish Creek, and the Black River.

Fishing is great in the streams and lakes on the Alpine Ranger District. There are trout in the Blue River plus fishing lakes near Alpine. There is a recreational fish hatchery down the Blue River road a few miles from the Retreat.

The summer monsoons bring on abundant wildflowers, mountain berries, and wild mushrooms. In the Fall the canyon is great place to enjoy the changing color of wild grape, Virginia creeper, clematis, oaks, walnuts and cottonwoods, while at the higher elevations the Aspen groves transform the mountain slopes in shades of lemon yellow to fiery orange.

The forest is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including mountain lion, beaver, foxes, bobcat, javalina, deer, and elk. The unspoiled environment provides habitat for a variety of endangered and threatened wildlife including Mexican Gray wolves, loach minnow, leopard frogs, willow flycatcher and eagles.